Social commitment at Photonics Systems Group

“We must take responsibility for a shared culture of values and fill it with life”. This will to shape is reflected in the internal and external relationships of our company.

PROMOTION OF FAMILIES in the Krailling Innovation Mile

The Photonics Systems Group supports a large number of childcare centres. In doing so, we are committed to the holistic and healthy development of the youngest members of the family and are actively committed to reconciling work and family life.

Through long-term partnerships with facilities such as the CARITAS Kinderhaus, the Montessori kindergarten, the BRK day nursery, the Protestant kindergarten and the St. Benedikt kindergarten, we are committed to a variety of childcare approaches in order to meet the individual needs of families.

Refugee Engagement

Strangers become friends – Refugee commitment at Photonics Systems Group – Strengthening skills – for a future in Germany.

The majority of refugees who were accepted in Germany in 2015 are 25 years old or younger. The potential these people bring with them can be an enrichment for German society and the economy.

One of the greatest challenges for the coming years is to open up individual educational opportunities for these children, adolescents and young adults in Germany and to integrate them into the labor market. The Photonics Systems Group is happy to offer them the chance to gain a foothold in the world of the laser industry and secure their future in Germany.


German, Iraqi, Macedonian, Romanian, Syrian, Turkish, Russian, Kazakh, Greek, Polish – a wide variety of nationalities work together on a vision and a common future.

At Photonics Systems Group, everyone is given the opportunity to shape their own future. Nationality or sexuality do not play a role here, the person himself is decisive for us.

To the best of our ability, we help with integration and offer assistance.

Reusable products

Another important process in the context of environmental protection is the minimization of disposable products.

Photonics Systems Group is in a continuous development to replace disposable solutions, whether production or administration related, with reusable products. First of all, each employee receives his or her own coffee cup, which can be used both professionally and privately, in order to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups.

Run and do good

For the first time, PSG is sponsoring the project “Run and do good”.

All proceeds from the B2Run charity run in Munich will be donated to the blood cancer research organization DKMS.

CO2 compensation

Photonics Systems Group has already digitized communication on a large scale, but some print products are still essential for customer communication, especially at trade shows.

We will continuously digitize our processes to save the use of paper.


In our training program for industrial clerks, we place particular emphasis on presenting a diverse and varied spectrum of the Photonics Systems Group.

Communication is important to us, here weekly feedback meetings ensure a continuous exchange.

The Photonics Systems Group does not evaluate a potential apprentice according to his or her grades in school; instead, the individual is viewed holistically here. Everyone is given a chance and support in the event of challenges.

Gender equality

Gender is not decisive – at Photonics Systems Group, qualifications and competence count.

Even though the laser industry is seemingly a male domain, women are represented at management level in positions of responsibility and in production.

Particular attention is paid to empowering women from within our own ranks and offering equal opportunities for advancement. We would like to further increase our quota of women and together set an example.

Accessibility in our new buildings

We don’t leave anyone hanging. The team is in the foreground. For us, reintegration and work testing are part of the team concept.

At Photonics Systems Group, people with physical and mental disabilities find a connection. People who have been torn out of their working lives and are looking to reconnect can also find a home with us.

We are also happy to support employees with psychological problems and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ergonomic working

Working at a desk every day, and especially sitting a lot, is a strain on our health. The most common physical complaints associated with office work include back pain, cramps, and neck and shoulder pain. These ailments can be prevented by working while standing, moving around, and sitting upright and relaxed.

Photonics Systems Group took the move to the new company building in August 2021 as an opportunity to design all workstations ergonomically. Each employee is provided with an electrically height-adjustable desk with a sufficiently large work surface, a height-adjustable office chair with lumbar support, which actively supports the spine in the lumbar region, and two flat screens.

Our IT department ensures that the monitor and input devices are positioned correctly so that the workstation can be individually adapted to the employee.

Our goal: to make working at Photonics Systems Group as comfortable as possible.