Krailling, December 11, 2020

Social commitment in the region: Photonics Systems Group donates to food banks in Gauting and Gilching

At Photonics Systems Group, social commitment is close to our hearts and this year the market leader in laser systems for micromaterial processing is supporting the local food banks. 4,000 euros each have gone to the food banks in Gilching and Gauting. CEO Markus Nicht personally handed over the cheques with the donation at the food banks.

The Photonics Systems Group has donated a total of 8,000 euros to the food banks. Since the measures relating to COVID-19 have meant the cancellation of this year’s company Christmas party, the Group decided to raise the original donation and give a large part of the budget to charity.

“For many people, the social situation has come to a head in recent months. Especially for those who are were already struggling, the pandemic has made it more difficult to get timely support,” says Monika Fliedner, chairwoman of the food bank Gautinger Tafel e.V. “The generous donation will allow us to provide support in the form of food vouchers where it is needed — even after Christmas.”

“It is up to all of us — and therefore also us as a company — to make a contribution to society. We like to make our contribution where we have our roots and have therefore chosen to get involved locally,” explains Photonics Systems Group CEO Markus Nicht. “With the donation, we hope to make the current situation a little easier for those around us who are in need and to make Christmas a little more festive.”

“We are both surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of support,” Maxi Zachäus, deputy director of the Gilching Tafel, is delighted to report. “We are currently packing bags with hygiene products and stocking up on basic food items. If we have to close the food bank again due to stricter coronavirus measures, we will also be issuing vouchers for a number of supermarkets.”

InnoLas Solutions, a member of the Photonics Systems Group, has already been donating to the local food banks since 2014. This year’s donation is being made on behalf of the entire Group for the first time.

About Photonics Systems Group
The Photonics Systems Group is a market leader for laser systems for micromaterial processing. The Group compromising the companies InnoLas Solutions, LS Laser Systems, and EPP Electronic Production Partners develops, produces, and distributes customised machine and process solutions for high-precision laser applications in the photovoltaic, electronics, and semiconductor industry. These systems are used by well-known, global customers in the core markets of Europe, the US and Asia. The Group has over 120 employees working at its Group headquarters in Krailling, Germany, as well as in the US and at several sites in Asia. Further information is availablehere.