Krailling, September 1, 2020

InnoLas Solutions is launching customer app

InnoLas Solutions, a specialist in laser systems for micro material processing, is launching a new customer app. With this app, the company is extending its range of services while keeping customers updated on current news. The InnoLas Solutions app is now available for iOS and Android.

Depending on the selected category, customers can contact the customer service team, check on the status of their systems in real time, or find out about current company affairs such as new partnerships, products, or personnel in the news section.

Users can open a new request via the service desk in just a few steps and track the current processing status at any time. The customer service team is available 24/7 to handle requests quickly and effectively. In addition to solving technical issues, upgrades, service work, and other after-sales services can be requested via the app.

The EqCloud offers customers the option to monitor the status of their InnoLas Solutions system in real time and to view key figures such as throughput, availability, and utilisation. Furthermore, the app gives access to current and previous faults. The user is also informed about machine downtimes and upcoming maintenance work in real time via push notifications. This significantly improves the availability of connected systems.

“With the app, we are adding a key element to our range of services and offer customers a straightforward way to interact with us 24/7”, says InnoLas Solutions CTO Niels Krauch. “We are delighted to be taking this step toward strengthening our pledge of service to the customer as well as ensuring short response times, avoiding long downtimes and secure productivity.”

The InnoLas Solutions app is now available to download in the Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. The free basic version provides access to the news and service desk categories. The access to the EqCloud is subject to a fee and requires the system to be connected to the cloud.

About InnoLas Solutions
InnoLas Solutions stands for innovative laser technologies, customized systems and process solutions, as well as the highest level of quality and productivity. Specialised in micro material processing, InnoLas Solutions develops and produces high-precision laser applications for customers from the photovoltaics, electronics, and semiconductor industries. The company looks back at over 25 years of experience in the field of laser technology and emerged from the former InnoLas Systems following the demerger of the photovoltaics and electronics divisions in 2013. Since May 2018, InnoLas Solutions has been part of the Photonics Systems Group, a market leader in laser systems for micro material processing. Please find further information here.

About the Photonics Systems Group
The Photonics Systems Group is a market leader in laser systems for micro material processing. The group comprising the companies InnoLas Solutions, LS Laser Systems, and EPP Electronic Production Partners develops, produces, and distributes customized machine and process solutions for high-precision laser applications in the photovoltaics, electronics, and semiconductor industries. The systems are used by renowned international customers in the core markets of Europe, the USA, and Asia. The group employs over 120 people at its headquarters in Krailling, Germany, in the USA, as well as at various locations in Asia. Further information is available here.