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Beyond the Future of Laser Technology

Together with our world-leading technology customers, we develop innovations in laser micromaterial processing. Our machine solutions and process developments strengthen our customers’ market leadership and help them meet the challenges of the future. We work for your success!

Our vision:
We play a key role in shaping the future through laser solutions for high-precision material processing on semiconductor elements, printed circuit boards, power electronics, sensors, photovoltaic cells and many other technology applications.

Together with our customers, we push the boundaries of what is feasible and develop the future products in the field of sensors, connectivity, IoT, autonomous driving, consumer electronics and renewable energy. We are proud to contribute our part to products that make the world more sustainable, connected and secure. Rest assured! There are many products in your household, too, that have been produced with the help of a Photonics Systems Group machine.


  • Further development from a specialist focused on the photovoltaic market to a solution provider for various high-tech industries.
  • Strengthening of the electronics area through acquisition of LS Laser Systems in January 2019 and EPP Electronic Production Partners in November 2019, thus complementing Photonics Group’s product portfolio with the area of circuit trimming and wafer trimming.
  • Successful market launch of the DIVIDOS machine platform for laser cutting of PCBs and the LINEXO machine platform for laser drilling of PCBs.
  • Merger of the two companies into L-TRIS GmbH in December 2020 to strengthen the market presence as a leading supplier in the field of laser trimming.
  • Expansion of the international service network, sales network and bundling of forces in procurement and production.

More information can be found in our company history.

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