Krailling, May 24, 2017

InnoLas Solutions receives orders for its new ILS-TTnx platform

InnoLas Solutions GmbH received another multiple machine order from an Asian customer for its new ILS-TTnx high throughput laser machine platform.

The ILS-TTnx is the first laser machine in the PV market, which increases the throughput beyond 4000 wafer per hours with considerably reduced cost of ownership. It was designed for the Laser Contact Opening (LCO) process for PERC, as well as the Laser Doped Selective Emitter (LDSE) and the laser opening for direct plating on Silicon (PoSi) process for advanced p-type solar cells. InnoLas Solutions is already building ten units of its new ILS-TTnx high-throughput laser platform, which was announced just one month ago at the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai.

“We are very pleased to see the launch of our latest product running successfully” said Markus Nicht, CEO of InnoLas Solutions. “We have seen the laser machines becoming more and more a bottleneck in the PV industry because of their limitation in throughput below 4000 wafers per hour. In accordance with the ITRPV roadmap we developed our ILS-TTnx high throughput laser platform, which closes the gap from 4000 to 6000 wafers per hour and matches the requirement of state of the art solar cell lines. The recent order entries for the ILS-TTnx show, that the product comes exactly at the right time and fulfills the current demand of the market.”

About InnoLas Solutions GmbH

InnoLas Solutions GmbH produces tailor made laser systems for micro material processing, particularly for the semiconductors, electronics and photovoltaic industry. The German company designs and manufactures machinery solutions as stand-alone systems or inline integration, perfectly adapted to industrial production conditions. Worldwide service and support ensures smooth setup and reliable operation. InnoLas Solutions utilizes innovations in laser technology to produce highly-efficient and reliable processing systems.

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