Krailling, July 17, 2019

InnoLas Solutions is introducing the new DIVIDOS series, the latest generation of laser depaneling solutions for the PCB and EMS industry

The DIVIDOS with superior ablating technology, sets the new standard for depaneling of printed circuit board systems.

InnoLas Solutions has now once again demonstrated that the DIVIDOS, developed with the latest technology for market flexibility, will meet all the requirements now and moving forward in laser depaneling of rigid, ridge-flex and flexible printed circuit boards.

Separation of materials with unmatched throughput, in a material stress-free environment, without the typical concerns for residue as found in other processes. In a FULL CUT mode, the system can produce up to 30% efficiency gains on printed circuit board separation, when compared to other depaneling systems. The laser which operates without physical contact and is subject to almost no wear, resulting in extremely low operating costs. Optionally, using a second galvanometer can up to double the throughput capability of the DIVIDOS. Another advantage is the possibility to process substrates with a size up to 18″ x 18″ (457x457mm).

InnoLas Solutions’ new DIVIDOS system meets the current and future requirements of both the electronic and automotive industry in particular, and can be automated with many of the leading automation manufacturers using our system standard SMEMA enclosure. The DIVIDOS is available as standalone or inline solutions. All InnoLas Solutions systems are Industry 4.0 capable and can be operated with all common data interfaces. The traceability option ensures tracking and storage of production data

InnoLas Solutions is a proven leader in the field of laser micro-machining and has now developed the next generation of laser depaneling system for the printed circuit board industry. InnoLas Solutions well known throughout the industry for their Ultra High-end laser systems, including the functional separation of ceramic circuit boards.

This along with greater than 20 years of experience in lasers systems development combining strong ties to the printed circuit board industry has allowed us a unique insight into the latest requirements within the printed circuit board Industry.

Included as standard on the DIVIDOS series:

Panel size: 18”x18 ”                                                         
System Accuracy: 50 μm
System Repeatability: 20 μm Optical
Registration Tool: InnoLas μVision
Operating System: Windows 10 IoT