Krailling, May 3, 2018

CGS to build new industrial group with InnoLas Solutions

InnoLas Solutions will be at the heart of a new industrial group for laser technology. A consistent Buy & Build strategy shall transform the company into a global manufacturer of laser machines for micro-material processing. The investment group CGS has acquired a majority stake in InnoLas Solutions, with current owner Richard Grundmüller retaining an interest. The two aim to exploit the company’s vast potential and dynamize its growth.

Customers’ demands for high-quality machines and systems for laser-based micro-material processing have grown constantly over the last few years. They expect increasingly sturdy, reliable, and user-friendly platforms – not to mention customized final products, well-integrated processes, and a high degree of automation. Moreover, they want to safeguard their productivity with specialized and flexible service providers at their footsteps.

InnoLas Solutions is known as a pioneering partner boasting a broad and flexible product range alongside its advisory and technological expertise. The specialized machine manufacturer has proven its ability to anticipate twists and turns of the market and offer its demanding clientele attractive solutions early on.

Consistent Buy & Build strategy
CGS and Richard Grundmüller will partner with CEO Markus Nicht’s current management team to shape InnoLas Solutions into a globally active and technologically leading industrial powerhouse. Their Buy & Build strategy envisions targeted add-on investments. The group’s activities will also include boosting the visibility of the well-known InnoLas Solutions brand and further expanding the Krailling plant. The owners will strive for above-average group-wide growth in the coming years. Internally generated sales and acquisitions are to contribute to this end.

Innovation, growth, and new markets
InnoLas Solutions will invest more heavily in innovating and constantly developing and enhancing machine platforms. The photovoltaic business shall seize its potential and continue to see strong growth thanks to the company’s technological lead in crystalline solar cells and thin-film technology. Current expertise is to be shared more and more, flowing into the electronics and semi-conductors divisions. InnoLas Solutions will also aim to get closer to its customers by making targeted add-on acquisitions to expand into new end markets and by developing its service network, especially in Asia and the US.

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