Innolas Solutions Laser Systems

Our Companies

Photonics Systems Group’s core companies are InnoLas Solutions GmbH and LS Laser Systems GmbH.

The group has over 100 employees working at its group headquarters in Krailling, Germany, as well as in the US and at several sites in Asia.

InnoLas Solutions is a leader in laser processing of micro-materials. The company designs and produces customized machines and processing systems for high-precision laser applications in the photovoltaic, electronics and semiconductor industry alongside precision engineering. It supplies renown, globally active customers in the core markets Europe, the US, and Asia.

LS Laser Systems is a medium-sized company based in Krailling near Munich that operates internationally and has over 25 years of experience in laser technology. Its core business focuses on developing, producing, distributing, and servicing active and passive laser trimming systems as well as other micro-processing systems. The company has gained an excellent reputation over the course of two and a half decades as a reliable and highly productive partner.

Product examples

On the respective company pages you will find further, detailed information on the various product portfolios.



The DIVIDOS with superior ablating technology, set’s the new standard for depaneling of printed circuit board systems. InnoLas’s new DIVIDOS system meets the requirements of the electronic and automotive industry in particular, and can be automated with many of the leading automation manufacturers using our system standard SMEMA enclosure. The DIVIDOS is available as standalone or inline solutions. All InnoLas Solutions systems are Industry 4.0 capable and can be operated with all common data interfaces.



LS Laser Trimmers automate, streamline and optimize your calibration tasks. The customer-specific solutions with LS system modules offer the greatest possible flexibility for your application while at the same time optimizing costs. The system spectrum ranges from OEM systems for integration in production lines to stand-alone systems and complete system solutions with automatic handling, contacting and efficient measurement technology for thick film, thin film and PCB applications. All systems can be expanded with automatic part feed and discharge.